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New Zealand representative Darae Chung

The Junior Academy is a commitment from the club to the next generation of players.

How it works

All members of the Academy receive top-class coaching from qualified golf professional Glenn Naylor and his assistants.

The Academy is open to boys and girls aged 6 to 15 and consists of 2 x 8 week modules on 4 levels. The modules run in line with the school terms with the first module commencing in October and the second in February.

Four Levels: SNAG Golf, Warm-Up, Transition, Handicap.


Students progress to the next level when they have obtained the necessary skills as assessed by the Coaching Director but may retake the module at their current level if not quite ready for the step up.

Golf equipment is made available during coaching sessions where required and you don’t even need to be a member of the club to enjoy the beginner level. On reaching the second level club membership is essential to obtain a handicap, but don’t worry, the cost is very reasonable and far from prohibitive.

Enrol Now

Apply for the Junior Academy by filling out the form below. For any queries about coaching, contact Glenn Naylor on (04) 939 6308


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    Contact the club office on (04) 939 6305 or email us to apply, or you can contact Glenn Naylor on (04) 939 6308 for any queries about coaching.