Hole 2 – Pro’s Tip

Off the tee it is better to be down the right hand side of the fairway. An elevated green heavily penalises any misses to the left. This will leave a difficult up and down.

The holes have changed numbers, so this video is labelled wrong but is the correct one for this page.

Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
B2 Blue C2 4 1 388m
W2 White C2 4 1 388m
Y2 Yellow P2 4 3 320m


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Over a twenty year career we have learnt the importance of really understanding what it is our clients are trying to achieve. By listening and learning about how our clients ultilise their homes and the lifestyles they lead, enables us to get on the same page and work together effectively towards the common goal. Architectural design is one thing, but understanding how families work, share and use a space is another altogether. The process of renovating is more than just modernising or adding character to a home, it’s about improving the way in which you can interact and use your new home

At Leko Residential Architects we approach renovation and refurbishment projects from your point of view, offering open and candid advise, discussing the ramifications of differing design directions and in general, demystifying the process. This ensures that all avenues have been explored and that once a design direction is agreed upon, that we all feel comfortable that it’s the best solution, for both your family and your budget.

Successfully managing a renovation or house extension project during the build is one of the most important. At Leko Residential Architects we also offer a complete array of trusted trade suppliers, from materials to builders and from engineers to electricians. The one thing that we can promise is that we’ll take the stress out of the project by managing time-frames, budgets and expectations to deliver on the vision that we all share.