Tee times are booked through the Pro Shop. In the weekends when the course is busy, all play is scheduled on a start sheet held in the Pro Shop, and players must report to the staff at least 10 minutes before their official tee time. Any special course bookings during the week are listed on the notice board outside the pro shop, but otherwise the course is open for play. Green fee players tee off after midday on Saturdays and Sundays.

Shandon Dress Code

Dress Code

  • A neat and tidy standard of golfing attire is to be worn at all times.
  • No tracksuits or non-golf specific sports attire are permitted.
  • Tidy, dark-coloured, dress jeans are permitted at the discretion of the Professional
  • No jandals are permitted
  • Shirts MUST have collars, unless they are golf brand polo neck. No T-Shirts or singlets are permitted.
  • All clothing, including headgear, must be free from excessive slogans or advertising
  • If you are not correctly attired you will be able to purchase appropriate clothing in the proshop prior to teeing off.

Rules and Etiquette

The official Rules Of Golf booklet provides rules and regulations for all aspects of the game of golf, both recreational and competitive. These booklets are available free from the office to help members familiarise themselves with the game and how it should be played.

If you are new to golf, there are some basic rules and protocols which are important to know, so that you can join in and enjoy the game from the start:

  1. Keep the game moving
    All players need to take responsibility for keeping up with the group in front. This keeps play flowing, and any hold up on the course causes problems and frustrations. Please pick up your ball and move on if you have had more than the ‘regulation’ number of shots. (Both new and experienced golfers will do this to keep play moving) If you are having trouble keeping up, or are searching for a lost ball, you should allow the players behind to play through, and then play on as soon as they are out of range.
  2. Look after the course
    All divots on the fairway should be replaced and pressed into place, and bunkers should be raked carefully after use. Shandon greens are a feature of our course, and it is very important to look after them by repairing pitch marks, and by taking care not to damage the turf, especially while walking close to the hole or when replacing the flag stick
  3. Look good on the course
    There is a dress code of neat and tidy casual dress for the course. Jeans are not permitted on the course, shirts should have a collar and be free of excessive writing. All golf shoes must have soft spikes to protect the greens.
  4. Enjoy the clubhouse
    Everyone is encouraged to take advantage of the Club’s café and bar, and after a game of golf this is a good way to meet other golfers.
  5. Enjoy your game
    Professional coaching is important especially for those beginning golf. Individual and group coaching is available from Shandon’s Professional.


Please park in the car park adjacent to the 3rd and 14th holes. Parking at the club house is for staff and committee members only.

Finding out more

Players should contact the Pro Shop or the Office if they have any questions about playing at Shandon. If you are interested in joining we are also able to arrange for new members to have a playing partner who will be their ‘guide for the day’ and answer any questions you may have.