The Board thought it would be informative to Members to share parts of Course Superintendent Phil Marra’s September Board Report.

We are now transitioning into a more traditional spring type weather pattern with soil temperatures reaching a consistent 7 degrees. The ground temperature needs to climb another degree and with the addition of rain will result in  spring growth impacting positively on all playing surfaces. The greens will also show better results with the temperature increase when fertilisers are applied. The greens are in a good “mode” currently, not too much growth but enough to be consistent with roll and ball speed.


All greens have been “verti-cut” (cut vertically down the profile to a depth we consider not too invasive as to damage the crown of the plant).The purpose of the verti-cut is to assist with aeration, promote root growth and reduce the risk of disease. The members will notice a firmer playing surface which will be slightly messy. The greens should become clean within two weeks.

The greens have also been treated for moss and show signs of stress as the products used are harsh on all plant life. This procedure has not been done for at least five years and we can see the moss turning black and hopefully grass should now grow through the dying moss. The moss is significantly bad on the outer section of the greens and will always be there due to the sand profiles not draining well enough.

Poa seed suppression, growth regulation and sowing of NZ Brown Top seed will be applied over the next few weeks.

In general we are pleased with the state of the greens.

 Fairways and Rough areas:

These areas are improving as we repair small drainage areas. A number of field drains have been installed over the past couple of months. We are now seeing the improvements in drainage.

More seed is due to go into areas as the grounds become workable.

Many of the areas have had applications of herbicide to remove Onehunga and other troublesome weeds.


This is an area that requires some work, coring, fertiliser etc. The 2ndTee is still firmly on the list for some hard renovation, most likely in the school holiday period. We intend to remove two sprinklers (too many fitted as it was originally set up as a sand-based tee) and spray out the side of the Tee closest to the pond. This area is subject to over watering (lack of electronic control) and full of nasty invasive weeds.


The aggressive trimming of selected pine trees last summer has really shown its value. Grass is now growing under the trees, resulting in better playability. There has been positive feedback  from members about the presentation of the course.

The back of the 15thGreen is now drying out to a level we can get back in there and finish off the trimmings. Lots of the Blackberry has been sprayed and the same for the back of the 16thTee. This will provide better air flow and sun light.


In the near future we plan to apply additional shingle and lime to improve the paths. We are in the process of growing grass in our turf nursery which will be used around the bunker to the left of number 16 green which is the next bunker to be renovated.


With the spring growth about to take off we will be employing a person to take us up to our normal complement of 4 staff.

Car Park Lighting:

A decision has been made by the Board to improve the security and lighting in the driveway and car parking area. This was deemed to be essential as the Clubrooms is now used more frequently for functions.



John Topp

Board Chairman.