As a Board we are conscious of the effort that members took in completing the recent Survey. So far, we have met on three occasions to analyse the feedback and discuss action items. The purpose of this note is to keep members informed on some of the initiatives undertaken:

  •  Valley Caterers are now in full operation and we are delighted with the changes. We are confident that Megan and her team will continue to add value. We consider the model of the golf club’s catering requirements being serviced by a commercial organisation who also do work for outside organisations as being ideal for both parties. We encourage members to utilise the service.
  •  A working group (non Board members) with expertise in the field has been established to look into ways that Shandon can improve its communication. The brief covers all communication but will focus on the use of digital, including social media.
  •  Investigation has commenced on upgrading the layout/fit out of the Pro Shop and Match Room.
  •  An update on recent work undertaken on the course includes:

* 80m of field drainage installed on no 2.
* reshaping and returfing the bunkers on no 1.
* verti-cutting the greens and spraying for algae control.

  •  Projects planned for the course in the near future include:

* reinstating the turf nursery to the right of no 3.
* continuing with bunker renovations.
* installing some additional ball washers and rubbish tins.
* fertilising and tyning the tee blocks.
* coring and regrassing the approach aprons of nos 9 and 15.
* improving the circuitry in the pump shed prior to the irrigation season.

  •  All members have recently been contacted by a Board member to ensure that the records that the club has (particularly email address and mobile number) are up to date.  Your cooperation in notifying the club if your records change would be appreciated.
  •  The recent Working Bee was successful- thank you to the 30 members who attended. We will look at holding another one in Sept / Oct to complete the tasks.
  •  One pleasing result of the Survey was the rating that members gave to overall satisfaction with Shandon. There were also many pleasing comments about the financial management. Our minimum level of debt has allowed us to hold our subscriptions and give members very good value for money. Analysis of other clubs in the area, offering a similar standard of course has shown that for the forthcoming financial year their subscriptions across all categories will be quite a bit more than ours. We encourage you to attract new members so that we can further consolidate our financial position.

Happy Golfing

 John Topp