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Results of Club Day 9

Results of Club Day which was held on 11th Sept.

1 Andrea Meikle 42
2 Daniel Jackson 41
3 Peter Riddell 39
4 Yuriko Manabe 36
5 Raj Gaundan 36
6 Chris May 36
7 Gaye Langridge 35
8 Hira Govind 34
9 Naren Patel 34
10 Carolyn Arye 33
10 Pat Muaau 33
10 Peter Gapes 33
10 Peter Rewiti 33
10 Shinji Manabe 33
10 Woosik Chung 33

Congratulations to the lucky card draw winner: Matthew Brown

Results of Shandon Open

Here are the results of the Shandon Open which was held on Saturday 30 July 2016.

A strongly contested competition with really difficult weather conditions in the afternoon. Shandon thrilled to have taken out the major prize and runner –up. And also the Women’s Prize.

Results were


1st – Richard Pegg
2nd – Mathew Pegg
3rd – Daniel Hillier


1st – Caleb Kahui
2nd – Daniel Dexter

Women’s Gross:

1st – Darae Chung

Women’s Nett:

1st – Shontalia William


Photo: Richard Pegg, Darae Chung and our President Alan Hunt.

Results of Club Day 8

Results of Club Day 8 Stableford competition

1st – Roger Paterson 38
2nd – Joel Webby 37
3rd – Tom Jennings 36
4th – Maurice Munroe 35
5th – Fasi Tuulima 35
6th – Jim Doyle 34
7th – Elvin Brooking 34
8th – Glenn Wright 33
9th – Gaye Langridge 33
10th – Carol Henderson 33

Lucky Card Winner: Peter Holt

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Hardie Cup – Consolation to Vance Cup

The Hardie Cup was won (3/2) by Nalin Pratap and Mike Gibbons over Robert Samaniego and Eduard Magadia.

Congratulations to all finalists.


Photo: Mike Gibbons and Nalin Pratap with Club Captain Roger Paterson.

Vance Cup

The Shandon Golf Club Vance Cup final was a feature event on the weekend. After four qualifying rounds the top qualifiers Elier Tingzon and Archie Milo won (2/1) the final over John Topp and Peter Gapes. Youth over experience!!

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 6.59.16 AM

Photo: Elier Tingzon and Archie Milo with President Alan Hunt

Results of Club Day 7

The winner of the Club day was Odilia Cherry and Robyn Blacklaws with 76 stableford points. The winner of the Royal Cup (for Men’s pairs) was Naren Patel and Nalin Pratap with 75 stablefords.

1st – Odilia Cherry, Robyn Blacklaws 76
2nd – Nalin Pratap, Naren Patel 75
3rd – Jim Laing, David Hyslop 67
4th – Hugh MacKenzie, Richard Wittington 63
5th – Garth Cheyne, Peter Rewiti 62

Chris May won the lucky […]

Results of Paddy Burke Memorial

The Paddy Burke Memorial was held on Monday 6th of June. The winner shooting 1 over off a 5 handicap, Tavita Mene with 40 stableford points.

Nearest to the pin Women: Teora Jennings, Men: Soli Naval

1st – Tavita Mene 40
2nd – Lance Pupuke 39
3rd – Notoa Kaleopa 39
4th – Awan Gde 38
5th –Garth Cheyne 37
6th –Michael Shaw 37
7th –Spencer Cameron 37
8th –Hugh MacKenzie 36
9th –Kwan Jong Park 36

Club Day 6 results

1st – Nalin Pratap 67
2nd – Tavita Mene 70
3rd – Shinji Manabe 71
4th – Naren Patel 71
5th – Raj Gaundan 71
6th – Tony Byrne 71
7th – Nolene Southon 72
8th – Harry Allardyce 72
9th – Mike Quinn 72
10th – Grant Ingham 72

Lucky Card Draw went to Javarn Talasinga

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Winners of the Parkhill Cup

Congratulations to Archie Milo and Elier Tingzon who won the Parkhill Cup. They are the top qualifiers for the Vance Cup.