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Final Results – President’s Cup and Shootout

President’s Cup Results:

63 – Nalin Pratap
43 – Naren Patel
38 – Laurence Guetta

Shootout Winners:

Men: Tom Aldridge
Women: Chris May

Qualifiers for the Shootout 5 December


Nalin Pratap
Naren Patel
Laurence Guetta
John Mouton
Dave Eddington
Tom Aldridge
Glenn Wright
John Neil
Neil Boothby
Shinji Manabe


Darea Chung
Chris May
Noeline Southon
Carol Henderson
Christine Selwyn
Jo Trendle
Yuriko Manabe
Liz McLean
Lynley Bowen
Jill Kinlock

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 1.14.27 pm

Club Day (17) Results: Saturday 14 November

1st – Laurence Guetta
2nd – Phillip Pepper
3rd – Michael Quinn
4th – James Bowen
5th – Harry Allardyce
6th – Stephen Smith
7th – Naren Patel
8th – Shinji Manabe.

Harry Allardyce won the lucky card draw. This was the last club day for 2015.

The standings before the final shootout!

Here’s where everyone stands as we head in to the final Club Day for the year: – Saturday 14 Nov 2015.

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 11.23.05 am

Club Day (16) Results: Sunday 1 November

1st – Naren Patel
2nd – Nalin Pratap
3rd – Brent Symons
4th – Tom Aldridge
5th – John Topp.

The $300 Card Jackpot was struck by Min Ho Chung.

Final Club Day of the year is SATURDAY 14 November. Card Jackpot back to $150.

Championship Finals



From left to right…

Kim Weber-Swain – Women’s Open

Matt Pegg – Men’s Open

Noeline Southon – Junior Champion

Ross Blick – Junior Champion

Dion Codyre – Intermediate Champion

Congratulations to all the winners.